More Reasons I’m Just Blessed


My kids, family and friends for their support from beginning to end. Missed dinners and calls returned late, short on free time and their love and understanding never falters.


Huge thank you to,

Trent Spears aka DJ Supreme ( for the production on this album and not giving me an opportunity to make excuses why I couldn’t put this project out.


Terrany Johnson aka Tee-Double,

Founder of both Kinetic Global Media Group and Urban Artist Alliance ( for making me believe anything really is possible andalways having just the right tool (knowledge) for the job. Terrany also mined all the ear candy possible in the mastering of this project, polishing the diamonds and buffing the platinum. The results of Kinetic Global's mastering was a mind blowing experience for me.


Shanitria Harris and Kelene Blake

for introducing me to performance poetry at that Chaz Shepard concert February 2013 that compelled me to go to Neo Soul Lounge the following week and read my poetry out loud for the first time.


Jeff Messier aka The Kosmic Kid,

Spaceport Carnival, for hearing about my poetry and reaching out for a piece for the foreword for his 2014 release Accept Your Insignificance and planting the seed to record.


Herman Mason,

Southflavas Entertainment ( for creating a space that made me feel comfortable enough to share bits of my soul.


Dwayne Hills, Sr.

( for his amazing photography, creative input, and designing my website.


Christopher Davis (C. Davis Writing)

for approaching me about my promo/bio materials when I had no idea what to write and providing his services, adding solid press materials to my arsenal. A timely offer of boutique PR services.


Erma Salgado (Hair By Erma)

for keeping my hair perfect and L. Marie Nelson for all my makeup needs.


All of the open mic attendees and other poets for offering quality feedback and giving me courage with their kind words.


Special Thanks to Mrs. Lucy J. Wells.


If I missed anyone, please charge it to my head and not my heart.